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At the ALPAKINO farm we breed alpacas in Huacaya type. All the animals are under constant veterinary supervision, we provide them a very good living conditions and other things necessary for the proper growth and development. The quality of our alpaca fiber has been laboratory tested.

As lovers of these animals we do care in a special way for their welfare, so they are healthy and happy.

Antonio – alpaca in Fawn color. Guide of the whole herd. It is a very well-built animal. Antonio acts as a guardian of the herd, it is very alert and courageous stud male. In 2015 his first offspring was born.

Emily – beautiful female in Brown color, born on 21.10.2015. It is a very curious animal.

Breeze – attractive and always calm alpaca in White color, born on 22.08.2011. It has great genes and beautiful, soft and pleasant to the touch wool (18 microns!).

Leon – young male in Fawn color , born on 07.05.2016. He is a well-built alpaca with soft and pleasant to the touch wool. Leon is a calm animal.

Cyclone – white female alpaca born on 19.08.2010. It has a good posture and very delicate fleece (25 microns).

Katia – white alpaca born on 12.09.2012.. It is a very good looking animal. It has a very dense and soft fleece (22 microns!). It has excellent genes of both parents.

Melle – alpaca in White color, born on 25.06.2009. Melle is an attractive animal with a very good structure, silky wool (25 microns) and great motherly instinct.

Misty – adorable alpaca in White color, born on 11.09.2012. Its fleece is dense and very soft (21 microns!). Father of Misty is an award winning exhibitions male.

Rico – young male born on 11.05.2016, son of Palomita and Antonio. He is got a bautiful black fleece. Rico is a great alpaca with calm temperament.

Olympia – alpaca in White color, born on 29.07.2012. It is an animal with a delicate and distinctive fleece (22 microns!). Olympia is an attractive female which will give an excellent offspring in next years.

Patchy – white female, born on 14.08.2011. It is an alpaca with a great quality fleece (21 microns!). Its genes are derived from the unique, often titled animals, which undoubtedly can be seen at first glance.

Katinka – female born on 11.05.2016 in Fawn color. She is a great herd companion and love spending time with people. It has a very delicate fleece.

Tosia – our first mix-coloured female alpaca, born on 24.07.2016, daughter of Misty and Antonio. Tosia is a full energy anilmal.

Tequila – female in Dark Champagne color, born on 09.08.2010. Tequila is a calm animal and closely observing everything. Kira – her first cria was born on 05.29.2014.

Zephyr – wonderful alpaca in White color, born on 09.08.2010. Zephyr’s parents have a lot of titles. It is a beautiful female with a good quality fleece (22 microns!).

Bianca – white female born on 04.09.2016, daughter of Breeze and Antonio. She has got very long fleece, similar to Suri. She is a beautiful and full of energy animal.

Kira – the first female born in our herd on 29.05.2014 in Beige color. She is the first offspring of Tequila. It is very energetic alpaca, curious and eager to play. It has a great appetite and grows perfectly. The biggest cuddle in our herd.

Willy – white male born on 17.09.2016. Like other young alpacas in our herd, Willy has got a lot of energy and loves to play with the others.

Sammy – the youngest male alpaca born in 2016. It is a extremely charming alpaca. His fleece is very dense and soft.

Sonia – white female born on 05.03.2015. Daughter of Katia and our male Antonio. Sonia is growing rapidly, it has the makings of a great leader of our herd.

Łatek – young male born in July 2016. He is mixed-colour alpaca with calm character. Łatek was adopted by us.

Carmen – white female, born on 26.06.2015. It is the second offspring of our male Antonio in ALPAKINO farm. Caramel likes to spend time with the youngest in the herd and also willingly hugs to people.

Blue – young male in our herd, born on 27.07.2016. It has got a beautiful white color of fleece and amazing blue eyes. Full of energy, loves to play with other toddlers.

Beatrice – female in Dark Silver Grey color, born on 29.06.2010. She is very beautiful alpaca with high quality fleece (22 microns!)

Charlotte – female born on 09.05.2015 year. It has a beautiful crimped fleece in Light Fawn color. Funny and cheerful alpaca, loves to run with the other peers on our farm.

Alice – female born on 22.06.2016 in Fawn color.  She is a beautiful animal with high quality fleece (20 microns!). Alice is a very good mother.

Tiggie – female in Grey color, born on 8.10.2013. She is a great mother and herd companion.

Margo – black female born on 1.10.2015. It is a very friendly and curious alpaca.

Quinn – male in Grey color, born on 1.05.2015.  He has got excellent flece and posture. Quinn will be a perfect stud male.

Major – beautiful Dark Bay male, born on 8.07.2015. He is a peruvian beauty with an amazing fleece.

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