Breed: Huacaya
Sex: male
Color: Multicolor
DoB.: 03.09.2022r.
Sire: Miriquidi Seventh Heaven’s Pride (Medium Fawn)
Dam: Alpakino Selena (Dark Fawn)

Father: Miriquidi Seventh Heaven’s Pride (Medium Fawn) — the penultimate photo
Miriquidi Seventh Heaven’s Pride is a male with interesting genetics and has won several international awards. His mother — Canchones Miriquidi Sensation is the first offspring from the legendary pair of Patagonia Celtic Rising Sun and Lee Carraow Seventh Heaven from Australia. The latter, Pride’s grandmother (after whom he is named after) is a true international legend, which was sold at the National Alpaca Show & Sale for $56,000 for a reason over 12 years ago! In turn, the grandfather — Patagonia Celtic Rising Sun is also «top of the top». We could write endlessly about its delicate, shiny and beautifully corrugated fibre. This 13-year-old bachelor’s fiber was only 21.4 microns. Patagonia Celtic Rising Sun is a winner of many awards, and his offspring are still successful at most shows in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Pride’s distant ancestors, including Camelot Tor, Jolimont Attitude, are other very serious personalities of the alpaca world. In turn, his father — Snowmass Quechua’s Innovation has American roots this time. This is one of the most outstanding sons of Snowmass Quechua. The combination of Snowmass Olympic Belle and Snowmass Quechua produced one of the best white males the world has ever known. His brother Snowmass Matrix hit the highest price in history — it was sold at auction for $675,000! Further in the pedigree there are icons such as Peruvian Hemingway and ancestors from the Accoyo family — one of the best alpaca breeding in Peru.

2018 (1): 14,1µ / SD 2,9 / CV 21,0% / CF 100% / CRV 51,4
2019 (2): 18,5µ / SD 4,3 / CV 23,3´% / CF 99,4% / CRV 41,7
2020 (3): 21,3µ / SD 4,7 / CV 22,2´% / CF 95,9% / CRV 38,6
2022 (5): 21,6µ / SD 4,4 / CV 20,3´% / CF 95,7% / CRV 48,5

2019 – Int.Alpaka Zucht Schau Austria / Huacaya Fawn / Inter 13-24 – 1st place
2019 – Alpaka Schau Süd in Bayreuth / Huacaya Dark Fawn / Inter 12-24 – 3rd place
2018 – Welt der Alpakas 2018 in Buchloe / Huacaya Dark Fawn/ Inter 12-24 – 1st place
2018 – AAeV Vliesshow / Huacaya Fawn / Fleece / Junior 6-12 – 2nd place

Mother: Alpakino Selena (Dark Fawn) — the last photo
In the pedigree of Alpakino Selena, an important personality is the sire of Bozedown Rossignola — Bozedown The Chief — Peruvian blood, which in Europe resulted in offspring winning the highest titles of Champion and Supreme Champion.

2022 (2): 17,4µ / SD 3,4 / CV 19,4 / CF 100% / CRV 34,5

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